In the previous posts, I’ve written about relationships. I’ve shared ideas about mutual respect, communications, building self-esteem and discovering who we are as individuals. However, this time, I would like to talk about something a little different.

Over the last few months, I’ve been asked about my opinion regarding the recent immigration laws in AZ. I simply reply, “it doesn’t concern me”. I tend to change the subject or make funny jokes about the entire thing. You see, even though I have brown hair, brown eyes and speak Spanish, I’m not Mexican. In addition, I’ve lived here for over 25 years with no ties to my country of origin. I’m an American. I love this nation and everything it stands for. I believe in democracy, capitalism and the US Constitution. I agree with Jack Nicholson in a few good men. I appreciate and love the comfort I find in the blanket of freedom this nation provides. Therefore, I try not to question that manner in which it provides it. I rather say thank you and try to understand the reasons behind the decisions that our leaders make.

Unfortunately, the topic of immigrations just doesn’t seem to lighten up. It wasn’t too long before I began to wonder how just these drastic measures were. I’ve listen to discussions about racial profiling and how these laws or tactics were unfair. After a while, I could not help to agree. A very real thought came to me. If I was Asian, Indian or German and I was pulled over in AZ, would I be treated the same as if I was Mexican? Hm…Sense I speak Spanish, have brown hair and have brown eyes, will I be treated differently? Hm… Is there a possibility that I would be harassed while attending school in AZ? Hm… Even a bigger question came to my mind when I noticed a commercial for Meg Whitman. She talked about the idea of sending the National Guard to patrol our borders if necessary in an effort to deal with the immigration issues in California. If these drastic laws were to pass in CA, would I be at risk of being harassed in the very state I call home? How much tax payer dollars would be spent on having the National Guard patrol our borders? In another commercial she talked about minimizing Government spending but it seems to me that this National Guard patrolling our border business would have a pretty hefty price.  Is the National Guard looking to donate time and provide this service free of charge? If this doesn’t work, what’s next? Are we going to deploy Marines to our borders? Doesn’t this seem a little ridiculous? These questions have kept me up at night. It seemed to me that these types of laws should concern me after all. Still, I do not question the actions taken in AZ or the ideas presented by Meg Whitman. I rather try to understand the reason behind the decision taken and ideas presented by our leaders. After all, I have promised to defend this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. At very least I should be supportive of all laws that are passed for the purpose of preserving this way of life that I appreciate so much.

I wondered what the problem really was. Is it that we don’t like Mexicans? I don’t think that’s it. The first 10 amendments of our constitution lead to believe that we are not a racist society. The bill of rights leads me to believe that we don’t base our decisions on whether or not we like people from any specific country or race. Could it be that we have forgotten about how this country was founded upon people who came here from other countries? I don’t think that’s it either. The very American spirit is driven by our diversity and the embracing of different cultures. Wasn’t there someone who said “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe fee, your wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door”? ohhh wait, that’s right, that’s written on the statue of liberty. You know, that pretty lady in NY that represents freedom. So, what is the problem with having immigrants come to this country? The answer is money. There is billions of dollars that escape our economic system. I agreed that we have to do something to preserve and protect our economy. We must put a stop to those who come here and drain our economy by sending and accumulating dollars in foreign countries. Furthermore, there are many illegal immigrants who work and never pay taxes because they don’t have a legal social security number. All this madness has to stop. However, these individual who cost our economy so much are not all Mexican. They are from all corners of the world. As you can see there is no doubt that our leaders have to find a way to fix this problem. However, we must find a fair solution that not only protects but strengthens our economy without sacrificing the values that this nation stands for.

I believe that if you are going to take the time to identify a problem you should also take the time to present a possible solution. That said, I believe that amnesty is the answer. Give those who want to come here and take part in the strengthening of this nation the ability to do so by providing them with work permits. Allow them to work and take pride in becoming positive contributors of the growth of this nation. Address the real problem by:

  • Placing an 80% tax on all money that gets wired out to foreign countries. This will insure that those who want to be here are here to establish a life here in the U.S.A. This will insure that our money will be spent in our economy. Dollars will be spent in the US where they belong.
  • Eliminate welfare benefits to anyone who doesn’t have a permanent residency card.
  • Make it mandatory to establish a good working history of at least 5 yrs before being considered for permanent residency. Those who want to come here and work hard to create a better life would be able to do so. If they are here in search of a free meal they would not find it.
  • Give tax breaks to those business owners or corporations whose work force consists of 50% or more permanent residents/citizens. This will motivate employers to employ citizens and permanent residents before employing foreigners.

I hope that no one who reads this blog takes offense. This is not meant to offend anyone. These are just my opinions or ideas on how to address the immigration problem in a way that is fair to those who are coming here in search of Justice, liberty and pursue of happiness. I believe that this approach will minimize the amount of money spent on patrolling our borders. Those who come here with the wrong intentions would soon realize the US is the land of opportunity not the land of free pie and you have to earn your keep to live here. Not to mention they probably would go back home and tell everyone about how hard life is here. Those who are looking for a free meal would probably be discouraged to take all the ricks they take to get here to find out that this is a country that believes in hard work. If you don’t like my opinion, I have good news. I’m not running for office so you don’t really have to worry too much about it.

Hahahah  lol!!!

I would love to hear your feedback and welcome any comments.