June 25th marked a very interesting day for me. It was the last day in CA. I was setting off on what I thought was going to be a 12 hour drive to AZ. The plan was set months before and the strategy was in place. We were to have no problems.

Ten O’clock came around faster than we expected. The night felt like it had a mind of its own. Right before setting off, as we filled up our gas tank, my brother and I noticed a 4 inch nail had pierced through the side wall of the right tire of the trailer that was pulling my Jeep. At this point we could not turn back. I could not take the risk of arriving too late and having no place to stay in AZ for 2 days. We took the gamble and hit the road with the small air leak on the tire. We were both pretty tired and had been up for about 15 hour at time of departure. At this point all we could do was hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Four hours into our drive, I looked to my right and caught a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. The brightest moon reflected off the water in a magical way. The clouds that surrounded the moon reminded me of the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean. They were mystical and powerful looking. As I looked at the beautiful scene, my brother turned to me and said “Enjoy it brother. There is no Ocean in AZ and it will be 2 yrs before you could surf these waters”. Those words created pressure around my heart. It took all of me not to break. I could not look at him. I simply stared out the window of the rental moving truck and quietly replied. “This is true. I think when I’m done with school I’ll move to Monte Rey. This way I can make up for all the lost time”.

As we drove across the crazy city of Los Angeles and began to head east, I felt as if I could not breath. The decision to move to AZ for school felt like the biggest mistake ever made. I was leaving everything I know behind. All I could think of was “I will not share a wonderful conversations with my mother over coffee on Monday”. I asked myself why would I have done this? The answer to this question kept me from telling my brother to forget this heart wrenching drive and head back home. This decision was taken because I wanted to accomplish a childhood dream. It’s not about the money or social acceptance. It’s about doing what your heart desires and enjoying the adventure.

The adventure of self discovery is amazing. We as people tend to limit our selves because we are afraid of failing. In some cases we are afraid of success. I was feeling afraid of the un-familiar. I’ve talked about this problem in my blog before. Whether in conversation or threw my blog, I’ve told people to never let fear stop them from doing what they want to do. As an individual who was brought up to stand for what they believe in, I will set the example. I will not turn this car around. I will not let a nail stop me from arriving to AZ on time. I will accomplish the adventure and learn to love every minute. I’ll learn to deal with the heat. I will learn to like everything about this new place I will call home for 2 yrs.

The drive took 16.5 hours. My brother and I arrived in AZ after being up for 32 hour. I was tired and we still had to unload the moving truck. We were welcomed by that amazingly warm AZ weather. The temperature was 108 and the sun was on a mission to cook us. As we began to unload, I realized that this moving truck was made of medal and metal heats up. The inside felt more like 150 degrees. We began to work as fast as humanly possible. Three hours later, after returning the moving truck we headed back to my new place and took turns showering. When I was in the shower the water felt refreshing and cool. My skin began to feel human again. This is the absolute longest I’ve ever gone without showering and I was grateful to have water and soap. We searched for a local place to have dinner and found a Jumpers. Their food was fabulous. After dinner we came back home and finally went to bed at 12:30 am. The total hours awake came to 44 hrs. Needless to say, we fell into a deep sleep. The initial journey had came to an end.

Sunday at 7:00 am, my brother and I went out for coffee. We talked about my staying there and his returning to CA. His flight was scheduled to leave at noon. As the time passed, I began to feel that heart constricting feeling again. I drove him to the Air port and he left. I came to my new home and began to unpack.

Monday morning I realized an important part of doing this. I called my mother from my local Starbucks. She answered the phone and before saying good morning, I said “Let’s have a long distance coffee”. We talked and had our coffee together after all.

In life sometimes we shoot for things that present challenges. Whether emotional or physical, challenges are tough. They are there to test us and confirm to us whether or not we really want something. A wise man once said to me, “If you come across a challenge get excited, happy and grateful because it means that your life is moving towards something you want”.

The initial journey ends and the real quest begins. Learning and sharing. Living life to the fullest.