The idea that we can ever really stay ahead of all the cubes life can throw our way is simply crazy. It’s been over a month sense my last post. I don’t think there is a word in the dictionary that can truly describe how busy my life has been sense my move to AZ. There’re many obstacles that mark the way and half the time I can’t even stop to think about them. I just simply embrace them, appreciate them and move on.

Shortly before my move to AZ, my best friend said “Everyone is where they want to be, otherwise it is obvious they are going somewhere”. There is some irony in this statement and somehow it resonated with me. There hasn’t been a day in my life in AZ that I don’t think about that statement. Those who know me will tell you all about how I never stop moving in some direction or another. It’s true. I never stop. I simply think of the next thing and go for it. Regardless of what life extends my way, if there is something I want to do, with no hesitation I jump in it with two feet. Living my life this way tends to place me in front of obstacles constantly. My choices have consequences and I navigate through them like a sailor in the middle of a big storm. Well my move to AZ is just another storm and this sailor will navigate through this storm like any other.

A wise man once said “learn to like obstacles because they are there to show you that you are moving in a specific direction”. If I was standing still I would have no obstacles. However, if I want to get across the street, I have to get past the curve, traffic, around the bus stop bench etc. Obstacles are a part of life. More often than not, we tend to think of them as a negative thing. In reality they are a positive thing. There are there to help guide us in our path.

I’m sure you would agree with me when I say that everyone has barriers or obstacles in their life. Some of us view then as opportunities and some of us see them as reasons to stop from accomplishing whatever it is we were working towards. I believe the difference in our prospective is the main contributing factor to whether or not we fail.

Now take this idea further and see if you can apply it to everything in your life. For example, if we apply this to relationships, could we say that every time we meet someone new and that relationship doesn’t go anywhere it simply means that we are moving in the right direction? Chances are we would never meet the right person unless there are a few wrong people in the path. Those people that were not so perfect have two purposes, 1) They are there to help provide prospective. They help us learn and evaluate what qualities are important. 2) They help us appreciate the right person when the right person comes along.

Someone once said, “If I take you to a mud field that stretches 10,000 sft. & told you that somewhere in the mud there are 50 diamonds. Each diamond is worth 10 million dollars and all you have to do is find them and they are yours. Would you dig through the mud?” There is a lot of mud and the mud is your obstacle. Well, lifelong happiness is equivalent to all the diamonds. We can’t find it unless we jump in the mud with a healthy mind. We have to be ready and willing to get dirty.

Everything is life tends to work in a similar ways. My obstacles in AZ are simply the mud I have to work my way through so I can find my diamonds. The obstacles in your life are the mud you have to work through to find your diamonds. Get out there and start digging. Get dirty and smile every time you pick up a mud rock. That’s just one less rock you have to check. Get excited because now you are that much closer to finding the diamonds. Last but not least, have fun while you search for your diamonds. Life is all about the adventure.

Until next time 🙂