It’s been 3 weeks sense my last post and it helped me realize how much people read this blog. This was really positive and encouraging. It brought me happiness to know how much you missed me. In addition, because of you messages and enquiries, I was able to realize how many of you like the relationship topics. Even though you enjoy the other ideas discussed, it was made clear to me how much impact my research and experiments have on you. There are no words to describe how good this makes me feel.

A question that was brought to my attention was “Why haven’t you discussed any more relationship or communication topics”? I would like to take a few minutes to answer this. As most of you know, I’ve recently moved to the state of Arizona for school. Last month was my first month in my new home and I spent it trying to get settled. The public interviewing and social dynamic experiments that I run to gather the information I discus in my blog have been on hold in part because I’m still not completely familiar with the area. As my schedule begins to fall into place, I will conduct more research and share more on the topic of relationships. I can already tell the research in Arizona will expose different ideas. The views of people in Arizona are deferent than the view we encounter back home. I’m excited about the discoveries in Arizona.

The rest of this blog is mainly addressed to the male readers. Yes, that is correct. I’m talking to all the guys that read this blog. I find it interesting how many girls bring up the fact that guys tend to be a little careless. I have to say as a guy, I would like to think that our species is caring and polite. As I was growing up, my mother took the time to teach me good manners. I was taught to respect everyone. Gentlemen are those who take on the challenge to insure that everyone around them is comfortable. This behavior is to be conducted when we deal with any individual and even more so with ladies. We behave this way because this is the right way to behave not because of expectation but rather because our behavior is a clear reflection of who we are. As individuals, we should always stride to become better people. As our society evolves and our lives become more hectic than ever, guys have become more careless and less attentive. Some would say that we’ve become lazy.

I disagree. I believe that both men and women lack direction in this matter.  Society as a whole has become more hectic and our lives have become busier. Work days have become longer and unfortunately parents may not have the time teach their children good behavior traits. It’s no body’s fault. I’m not writing to place blame on anyone. I’m writing to help you guys understand that good values and gentleman behavior is not only appreciated but also looked after by women. Some would argue that independent women get offended by a man opening her door. This to me is a sign of ignorance on both parts. If you encounter a women that feel offended it is up to you to educate or clear this misconception. The man that doesn’t open the door for women is not being a gentleman and women who are offended by this gesture are confused. My behaving like a gentleman and opening a door for a lady is not an action that I take because I think her to be weaker or any less of me. It’s quite the opposite, my gesture not only reflect my respect and appreciation for women but also reflect how I value myself. Men should hold themselves to high standard and push themselves everyday to be better. Being cordial and polite is a basic respect that should be a part of our lives every day. It’s never too late to start and it’s never too late to learn good behavior traits.

Some of the guys reading this may be thinking that this is just hot air. Reading this you may be thinking there is no way that women are ever impressed by your pulling her chair or standing when she goes to leave the table. These behaviors and actions only work in black and white movies. They don’t impress anyone. No one pay attention to these things. If you are thinking this, I invite you to take on a challenge. The next time you are spending time with a lady, ask her to please wait in the car when you pull up to your destination. Exit the car and walk around to her door. Open her door and extend your hand out to help her out. As you walk into or exit a building open her door. If you’re out to dinner, as she excuses herself to leave the table, take a stand. As ridiculous as it may seem these old fashion behavior traits not only will impress your date or significant other but will enrich you as an individual and reflect a cultural value that will make you stand out in social environments.

It’s important to understand that I’m not inviting you to change for anyone but rather integrate these changes for yourself. Take pleasure and enjoy becoming a better person. Take pride in knowing that you behave as a gentlemen should. Smile a lot and pay attention to how other respond to your behavior. You might be pleasantly surprised as to how others behave toward you. In addition, you might be pleasantly surprise as to the type of women you will attract. Remember it’s not just about impressing the lady it’s also about impressing yourself.

Until next time.

Alexis 🙂